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Trademark and trade name expenditures
Transfer taxes
Travel expenses (employees)
. commuting expenses
. reimbursed
. unreimbursed
. . baseball players (including meals and lodging) while away from “club town,” also other business expenses at “club town” if tax “home” in a different city
. . business and pleasure trips
. . clergymen, church conventions travel, meals and lodging away from home
. . commercial fishing boat crew members, for travel, meals, and lodging away from home port
. . congressmen, up to $3,000 of living expenses
. . expenses of traveling from principal place to minor place of business
. . government employees, expenses in excess of per diem allowances
. . lawyers
. . meals, reimbursed
. . meals, unreimbursed
. . National Guard and Military Reserve members (limited)
. . physician, medical conventions
. . railroad employees' meals and lodging while away from “home terminal”
. . salespersons
. . teachers, scientific meetings and conventions
. . truck drivers' (long line) meals and lodging while away from “home terminal”
Truck tires
. replacement tires (limited)
. with life less than a year
Truck use tax (unless as business expense)
Uncollectible notes (see “Bad debts”)
Uniform and special clothing costs
. baseball uniforms
. clothing required for business
. employer-reimbursed costs
. jockey's riding apparel
. nurses' uniforms
. protective clothing
. work shoes, metal tipped
Union payments
. dues
. fines
Utilities, personal
Wages and salaries
Waiters, waitresses
. special uniforms
Water, potable
. domesitc production activities
Work shoes, metal tipped for protection of worker